Seattle Cider Co. – NEW FLAVORS!

Seattle Cider Co

Ok ok, I know. I said I was going to blog and I haven’t.

I LOVE Seattle Cider Co. and recently they came out with some new and unusual flavors!

Here are my findings:

Gin Botanical – SUPER GOOD. My favorite of the 3. I can’t stand gin but I like the botanicals. This would be good for a refreshing summertime beverage or if you’re like me.. an anytime beverage

ABV: 6.9%

BRIX: 1.8

APPLES: Granny Smith, Fuji, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala

TASTING NOTES: Fermented with spent gin botanicals from a local distillery, this semi-dry cider showcases lemon, orange rind, juniper, cucumber and verbena. Complex, clean, aromatic and refreshing.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Herbed Chicken, Fresh Melon, pickled ginger

AVAILABILITY: February – May

Tangerine Turmeric – This flavor is very interesting. I like it but not enough to buy it again. Try it if you’re curious. It isn’t bad at all just not what I look for in a cider flavor. Then again if I drank two of them really fast I wouldn’t mind what the flavor is. Maybe they should make a Lemon Tarragon? Think about that for a sec! haha

: 6.9%

BRIX: 1.8

APPLES: Granny Smith, Fuji, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala

TASTING NOTES: Fermented with tangerine peel and fresh turmeric root, this off-day cider is aromatic and complex, offering notes of ginger, cedar, and orange zest.

Cucumber Hibiscus – REALLY NICE. Very light and again would be fab in the summer. I see some cocktail recipes being invented with this one and the Gin Botanical.
This cider is not on the website so I have no details.

All of these flavors are more of an afterthought than an IN YOUR FACE flavor like most ciders. I love Seattle Cider Co. so very much.

Here’s what I’m going to do.

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I am going to start writing in here because I have a LOT of shit in my head that has got to come out.

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Carkeek Park

A quick walk in the drizzly mist amongst the lichens for a brain cleanse.



Georgetown, Capitol Hill, and Beacon Hill.
A good afternoon, especially the conversations at Fantagraphics about Henri and Glenn.
Blood test for thyroid levels, nothing serious.
I might be taking photos again, we’ll see!

Spirit of 76

Kubota Garden


50 Shows

This is from a Facebook post in 2009.

1. Shaun Cassidy with mom- Civic Arena Pittsburgh
2. Journey Escape tour – Civic Arena Pittsburgh
3. Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Mooon tour – Civic Arena Pittsburgh
4. U2 Unforgettable Fire tour – Civic Arena Pittsburgh
5. Van Halen – 1984 tour Civic Arena Pittsburgh
6. Rod Stewart when “Do ya think I’m sexy” was big. With mom. Civic Arena Pittsburgh
7. The Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever tour with mom – Civic Arena Pittsburgh
8. Motley Crue Theater of Pain tour – Stanley Theater Pittsburgh
9. Black Flag – City Limits? Penn Hills? Painted Willie and Gone opened dunno what tour that was.
10. COC – Animosity tour Electric Banana Pittsburgh Reed Mullin stapled me to the wall.
11. INXS Listen like Thieves tour – Syria Mosque Pittsburgh
12. The Cure Kiss me tour Syria Mosque Pittsburgh
13. Siouxsie and the Banshees Cities in Dust tour ?? Pittsburgh and Madison Sq garden
14. Peter Murphy Should the World fail to fall apart tour Graffiti Pittsburgh
15. The Cult – Love tour Basement of Syria Mosque Pittsburgh
16. Psychedelic Furs I think it was the Mirror Moves tour Basement of Syria Mosque Pittsburgh
17. Skinny Puppy Mind tour Graffiti Pittsburgh
18. Jesus and Mary Chain Psychocandy tour Grafitti Pittsburgh
19. Balaam and the Angel Upstage Pittsburgh
20. The Mission Gods own Medicine tour Graffiti Pittsburgh
21. Johnny Thunders Limelight NYC
22. Dead Boys The Ritz NYC my birthday 1988 never forget that!
23. SRL Yankee stadium parking lot NYC
24. Metallica Justice tour New Jersey
25. Janes Addiction before Nothings Shocking came out at IUP in PA Love and Rockets headline
26.Soundgarden at CBGB with Hiro (saw many times after that)
27. Mother Love Bone Virgin Outlaw Club NYC
28. Danzig Beacon Theater NYC (many more times too)
29. The Damned The Ritz NYC (few times other than that too)
30. Black Oak Arkansas The Ritz NYC (Slab opened)
31. White Zombie The Marquee NYC (many other times)
32. Jellyfish The Marquee NYC
33. Screaming Trees The Limelight NYC
34. Alien Sex Fiend The Limelight NYC
35. TAD The Pyramid NYC
36. Monster Magnet The Cat Club NYC
37. Wrathchild America The Cat Club NYC
38. The Four Horsemen The Cat Club NYC
39. Lenny Kravitz Forgot where that was NYC
40. Govt Mule Wetlands NYC
41. Johnny Cash private studio taping for VH1 NYC
42. Luther Allison The Bottom Line NYC
43. Steve Earle I can’t remember the club NYC
44. Buckwheat Zydeco – Crawfish fest in New Jersey somewhere
45. Pantera Cowboys from Hell Ritz NYC
46. Celtic Frost COLD LAKE! haha. Virgin Outlaw Club NYC
47. Zodiac Mindwarp L’amour Brooklyn
48. Coroner L’amour Brooklyn
49. Sheryl Crow! haha. Paramount Seattle when I first moved here
50. Willie Nelson Beacon theater NYC dunno what tour early 90s

(No title)

Earthless at Psycho Las Vegas 2017

Thank the gods for Youtube user Sexthrash69 who I found after I went to the fest last year.
I decided to not go this year for saving money reasons, that is another story.
Earthless is one of my favorite bands. I love no singing, jammy, psych, metal-ish type tunes and these guys are right up my alley.
This set like all of them does not disappoint. 52.11 of pure bliss. I love them.
There is no embed option and I don’t want to cheat so you’ll have to click through.

Here is a video (sound really) of the band that I did way back in December of 2008 at The Comet Tavern when it was still cool and fun.
I’m not saying it isn’t cool and fun now but if you know, you know.