FedEx, I am home. Please give me my packages.

There were some phone issues where Jack’s LG V10 was doing the bootloop welcome screen thing. I tried every fix but nothing worked.. so I called Verizon and after much interrogation they agreed to send a replacement phone. (I have actually been paying for phone insurance!) This was on Monday. No deliveries on the holiday so it was scheduled to arrive today before 8pm.

I received a text message at 1:48 pm saying that FedEx was unable to deliver my package at 1:33 pm because I was not home. WHAT. I was here working not more than 7 ft away from my door. There was NO door tag.
I have a Ring Doorbell and I didn’t get any notifications on movement or doorbell rings. Nothing. Went and looked at all the motion alerts and nothing for that time. That fucking FedEx guy didn’t even come, did he! I hate how delivery drivers just assume you aren’t home because it’s a weekday in the daytime. Not everyone is 9-5!

My one UPS guy will leave packages in the bushes or somewhere weird that isn’t visible instead of ringing the doorbell. I get the text “Your package has been delivered!” and I’m freaking the fuck out because I didn’t get a package! I have to go hunt. I get a lot of packages for my job that are super important.

But anyway, I stopped working to call FedEx and after finally getting a human they said a redelivery would be attempted. I was done at 5:20 still no package. I called FedEx to see if I can pick it up at S. Alaska St. and it was there. I had to give up my parking spot and drive down there because whoever was supposed to deliver the package is an idiot.

My poor kid, without a phone for 2 days! I know, I know.. poor thing and all that but you know that if YOUR phone was dead for 2 days you’d be freaking out too.
He wanted to downgrade to a flip phone because he is so tired of phone addiction/notifications/etc. Maybe the next phone.
They sent just the brain part of the phone. No new screen or battery.

I swear, there is going to be a revolution of young people that are going to shun tech and get old timey. It’ll happen! Just you watch! I’m not talking about hipsters with old typewriters sitting on the sidewalk either.

This is my first blog post. I have been wanting to blog, just for my own sanity and getting words out. I installed yet another WordPress and here we are.

It might get ugly, stay tuned.

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