Earthless at Psycho Las Vegas 2017

Thank the gods for Youtube user Sexthrash69 who I found after I went to the fest last year.
I decided to not go this year for saving money reasons, that is another story.
Earthless is one of my favorite bands. I love no singing, jammy, psych, metal-ish type tunes and these guys are right up my alley.
This set like all of them does not disappoint. 52.11 of pure bliss. I love them.
There is no embed option and I don’t want to cheat so you’ll have to click through.

Here is a video (sound really) of the band that I did way back in December of 2008 at The Comet Tavern when it was still cool and fun.
I’m not saying it isn’t cool and fun now but if you know, you know.

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