Here’s what I’m going to do.

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I am going to start writing in here because I have a LOT of shit in my head that has got to come out.

I am NOT a great writer at all. I am not going to pretend that I know how to write or even present proper grammar.  I have not spent one day in college or university and I will not make everyone happy and people will think things. That’s ok.
I am just going to do it.

Everyone online these days is trying so hard to create a persona or an “aesthetic” or a “feel”.
Putting some kind of identity online so people will like them.
Fuck that.
I don’t care if I’m pretty or say the right things or appeal to a certain sub-culture.
I don’t care what the internet thinks about me. I’m not out to prove anything.
I am here to provide the brutal beautiful honesty that only I can give you 😀

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I will not be sharing on any other websites after this post.
Maybe I will hook up to Medium, I am not sure yet.
Or you can just lurk.

I have a LOT of stories and opinions. It’ll be fun!

Feel free to submit subject matter that might be fun for me to blather on about.
I will add a contact form at the bottom of the post here.

This photo was created with a Snapchat filter. I don't really look like this. If you were smart you would know that.


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