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Here’s what I’m going to do.

(if you are on mobile, choose “full site” at the bottom if you want my social media links) I am going to start writing in here because I have a LOT of shit in my head that has got to come out.

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Carkeek Park

A quick walk in the drizzly mist amongst the lichens for a brain cleanse.  


Georgetown, Capitol Hill, and Beacon Hill. A good afternoon, especially the conversations at Fantagraphics about Henri and Glenn. Blood test for thyroid levels, nothing serious. I might be taking photos again, we’ll see!

Spirit of 76

Kubota Garden

Jim. — otter (@deathcIits) September 16, 2017

50 Shows

This is from a Facebook post in 2009. 1. Shaun Cassidy with mom- Civic Arena Pittsburgh 2. Journey Escape tour – Civic Arena Pittsburgh 3. Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Mooon tour – Civic Arena Pittsburgh 4. U2 Unforgettable Fire tour – Civic Arena Pittsburgh 5. Van Halen – 1984 tour Civic Arena Pittsburgh 6. …

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(No title)

Earthless at Psycho Las Vegas 2017

Thank the gods for Youtube user Sexthrash69 who I found after I went to the fest last year. I decided to not go this year for saving money reasons, that is another story. Earthless is one of my favorite bands. I love no singing, jammy, psych, metal-ish type tunes and these guys are right up my …

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That Lil’ Girl.

She was missing for about 24 hours recently and I freaked out a little bit. I would like to make her an inside cat but I don’t think she would enjoy that at all.