That Lil’ Girl.

She was missing for about 24 hours recently and I freaked out a little bit.
I would like to make her an inside cat but I don’t think she would enjoy that at all.

My favorite thing.

Enjoy today, Keto starts tomorrow. 


The torture of selling things in Facebook Marketplace.

I thought I had learned my lesson.

I posted a Motorola 360 1st Gen Smartwatch in my local neighborhood group and then later posted it to Marketplace.
The confusing, weird, spammy and lowball messages started coming in even though I stated the $50 price is firm.
So, like most of the other things I have tried to sell on Facebook I failed to find the patience to locate a legit somewhat normal buyer.

eBay here I come! I should always sell there in the first place.


Wendy O

Listen to this right now!

FedEx, I am home. Please give me my packages.

There were some phone issues where Jack’s LG V10 was doing the bootloop welcome screen thing. I tried every fix but nothing worked.. so I called Verizon and after much interrogation they agreed to send a replacement phone. (I have actually been paying for phone insurance!) This was on Monday. No deliveries on the holiday so it was scheduled to arrive today before 8pm.

I received a text message at 1:48 pm saying that FedEx was unable to deliver my package at 1:33 pm because I was not home. WHAT. I was here working not more than 7 ft away from my door. There was NO door tag. Continue reading